Close Reading Week 12: AKA Frank O’Hara is Amazing

            Of the Elegy’s we read in class, Frank O’Hara’s “The Day Lady Died,” seems at first as if it was the least mournful of the group, but upon multiple readings, one can see how deeply upset O’Hara is by the death of Billie Holiday. By remembering the exact date and time of when he first heard of the death, we see that O’Hara did have a strong connection to Holiday, and that the exact moment will not be forgotten by him. Although he does not mention anything regarding Holiday until the end, the audience can see that he wants to avoid mentioning her death because it saddens him so much, but by focusing on the minute details of his day, we see that he truly misses her.  By the end of the poem, he shows how great of an effect Holiday had on him, because he can remember the feeling that she gave him the first time that he saw her live.

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Villainous Villanelle

Hey there, Doctor Doom
Why weren’t you ever a rapper?
Mostly cause you’re full of gloom…
Maybe you quit soon
Won’t that be a knee-slapper
Hey, Doctor Doom?
Lookout for that atomic boom
Ruins your sense of style, dapper
…mostly cause you’re full of gloom.
I saw you murder the bridegroom,
While he was taking a quick nap…per.
Hey there Doctor Doom,
Beef gravy will certainly loom,
In the air around the kidnapper,
Mostly cause you’re full of gloom.
Stop while you’re behind buffon.
But you can’t you stupid rapper
Hey there Doctor Doom,
Mostly cause you’re full of gloom.
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Close Reading Week 11

            In A.R. Ammons poem, “Corsons Inlet,” the reader get’s to see a man coming to terms with the fact that his life will change daily. We get to see the author viewing the changing landscape, and as it changes, so does the author. This changing of the landscape allows the author to come to terms with his life, as he suffers with the fear of his life being meaningless. Also, he uses many nature terms to describe his frame of mind.

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Close Reading Week 10

            In John Keat’s “Ode to a nightingale,” the audience get’s to see the way that Keats is able to deal with his own suicidal thoughts. The audience gets to see how depressed Keats was during the waning years of his life. Because he was composing this only a year or two before he was consumed by tuberculosis, he would obviously have rather taken himself out of this world, then let the disease do it. We can truly see his depression in line 41 when he says “I cannot see what flowers are at my feet.” We can see that he does not see anything beautiful in the world anymore.

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Close Reading Week 9

            The poem “Ozymandis” by Percy Bysshe Shelley is a poem about the fall from grace that people will feel if they do not treat their fellow friends correctly. In this poem we see Ozymandis as a cruel leader, who forces his men to erect huge structures to honor the king. Eventually though, the entire honor that this man has bestowed upon himself will crumble to dust. This is evident by the term, colossal wreck.  The reader gets to see that the statues he had built, have collapsed.

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Close Reading Week 8

Bob Dylan’s Ballad “Boots of Spanish Leather” is a clear look at how a man can be eaten by the pain that a woman leaving him can cause. Here, we can tell by following the two voices that the woman is the one who left Dylan. He shows how truly he is hurt because he puts so much emphasis on Spain in the last line. By repeating the word the audience gets to see that Dylan is obsessed with the woman that left him. Also, by focusing on the beauty of Spain, we can see that Dylan truly misses the beauty that he used to see in his ex-love.

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Sonnet – wHAT?

Stay Classy, San Diego is a song I truly love

It’s about a dinosaur or something

The Air I Breathe, His Voice sounds like a dove

It’s kind of creepy, they sometimes where bling

I made that last part up to sound cooler

But seriously I want to marry

The owner of the that baby stroller

Also thinking back, Cool movie: Carrie

Family guy is on my television

I also lose my attention Spanish

My friend wants to create nuclear fission

Do I know any words…oh wait Vanish

So these last two lines are supposed to rhyme

But I probably have some certain time….

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